Emotional Intelligence... a transition to the truth

Emotional Intelligence captures the conscious understanding of all three human sources of information: the mind, the emotion and the body.


Whether our mind travels into the past or the future, or our emotion seems to be representing misleading stimuli... the additive education of mind-body-emotion increases the capacity, to be HERE! Right NOW!


Working with the expression model of Synthetic Autognosia, we become capable of understanding and exploiting the talents of our own emotional Intelligence.



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Upcoming Seminars
Learning Difficulties: Diagnosis & Therapy

24 Μαϊου 2019 to 26 Μαϊου 2019

A full model of diagnosis & therapy on learning difficulties.

Αντίληψη & Μαθησιακές Δυσκολίες

Η σκέψη μεγαλώνει σαν το σώμα μας;

Sex Addiction

Υπάρχει εθισμός στο σεξ;


Ο «πελαργός» ήταν ένα ψέμα, όχι ένα λάθος!

Sexuality & Handicap

Η ελευθερία ενός ατόμου ορίζεται από τη διαφορετικότητά του.

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