Learning Difficulties: Diagnosis & Therapy

Seminar Dates:  24 Μαϊου 2019 to 26 Μαϊου 2019

Based on the theory of Piaget, this program aims at developing a full model used to diagnose and work on learning difficulties.


The program was first developed in France by a group of researchers who managed to apply the theory of Piaget on learning difficulties.


The key to this model is its full ability to diagnose accurately the cognitive structures that might have been developed earlier or later than the expected age of the child.


Following this model, this seminar will give the opportunity to professionals working with children and/or adolescents to learn and apply at their work the theoretical and practical model of Piaget's theory. This, will enable the communication among teachers and chilfren, children and their family, psychologists and their patiens. For those who work in therapy with children and/or adolescents, it will provide a full method of diagnosis and treatment.





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