Synthetic Autognosia

Synthetic Autognosia

Welcome to the site of Synthetic Autognosia!


This is the site where the search for the union of mind, body and emotion meet in the aim of providing the maximum efficacy in self search and therapy.


The site provides useful information on the way therapy and self-search is approached. It also aims at informing you on the upcoming seminars.


Some of the sections in english are still... under translation. The french section will be developed as well soon. 


Best Regards


Evy Syrou

Cognitive Psychologist

Doctorante Université Lumière Lyon2

Τι είναι η Βιοδιάλεξη;

Τι είναι η Βιοδιάλεξη; H νέα λέξη στη νέα προσέγγιση ψυχοεκπαίδευσης από την Εύη Σύρου & τη Συνθετική Αυτογνωσία!
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Participations Ιστορικό των συμμετοχών της Εύης Σύρου σε Αθήνα, επαρχία & Εξωτερικό.
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The Goal

The Goal Under Translation...
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The Rationale

The Rationale What are we searching through Synthetic Autognosia?
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The Approach

The Approach How can we achieve a better communication between body, mind and emotion?
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Mind - Body - Emotion

Mind - Body - Emotion How do mind, body and emotion function together?
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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence in french, under translation in english
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Sex Addiction

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Ο «πελαργός» ήταν ένα ψέμα, όχι ένα λάθος!

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Η ελευθερία ενός ατόμου ορίζεται από τη διαφορετικότητά του.

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