Evy Syrou

Evy Syrou

Evy Syrou studied Psychology in the American College of Greece (Deree College) and Social Psychology of Intercultural Relations in France (Université Lumière LYOΝ2).


Evy Syrou followed her main interest in research studying the interaction between cognitive and emotional processes on a master’s level in Lyon. More specifically, she applied the theory of Emotional Intelligence in groups of psychoanalysts and artists leading the outcome in a more profound study in a doctorate level.


In cooperation with the Laboratory LEACM and HAY GROUP of Boston and Athens, she continued in a more systematic way researching the effect of social rhythm on the development of Emotional Intelligence.


Parallel to research, Evy Syrou, specialised in various models of therapy, diagnosis, self-search and expression:


Photolangage:  method based on photography

Psychodrame:  method based on acting

Autogenic Training:  method based on the conscious control of breathing and muscle relaxation

Learning Difficulties:  a cognitive model of diagnosis and therapy based on PIAGET.


Since 2003, Evy Syrou is working in Greece as a cognitive psychologist in face-to-face and group therapies where she combines different psychological models in the aim of redefining in a holistic way the interaction: “mind-body-emotion”. She is also organising educational and therapeutic seminars, she is writing articles both in the Greek and French press and she is teaching annually the specialised program through role-playing “GLOBAL ASSIMILATION” in the University of St Etienne.

Evy Syrou


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