The Approach

The Approach

Different psychotherapeutic techniques are used to achieve the intercomminication of our body, minf and emotion.


Each one of them activates differently the mind, the body or the emotion and is specifically chosen for each issue to approach.


  • Photolangage: Technique based on photography. Suitable for introducing thought into image and image into thought and speech. Technique Groupe de Lyon.


  • Psychodrame: Technique based on acting out the main issue developed by the dynamics of the group. Suitable for the empirical understanding of emotional processes and the expressive potential. Technique Moréno.


  • Autogenic Training: Technique based on exercises of concentration, breathing and biological control. Suitable for the conscious understanding of mental and emotional influence on the body. The release of all muscle tension is widely used in therapy. Technique J.H.Schultz.


  • Art Therapy & Mind Release with writing brainstorming techniques.


The Approach


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